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To better assist parents supplement school activity with physical activity, BRSC created several stay-at-home activities players can use to stay engaged in the game and active. Please take advantage of these free resources. Our goal is to help bring joy to our members during this challenging times. If you do use or participate in any of the below activities, please let us know. We welcome your feedback and would love to share any photos or videos you have with our fellow members.


To help our players stay sharp and engaged during this lengthy break, BRSC will host a Digital Juggling Club. Juggling is an essential skill that players can do on their own with limited space. It helps improve mastery of ball control, touch, and builds comfort with the ball.

Participation in the BRSC Digital Juggling Club is simple. Parents can video their child or players can set up a stationary camera/phone to record his or her juggling. The ball can either start from the ground or as a drop from the player's hands. As the player improves, we challenge them to only start from the ground with a pullback. Each touch is a point, and points will accrue until the ball touches the ground.

BRSC Digital Juggling Club


With stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it feels like all of the days seem to run together. To better help our players stay on top of their training and remember how much time they devote to the fundamentals of the game, we have created a Training Tracker sheet. Parents and players can fill out the sheet noting which area of their game the player trained and how much time devoted to each. It also serves a visual reminder to train and a way to reflect back on how much time was devoted to development.

Post the tracker on your fridge, on the player's door, or above a desk. Whether you're starting to track or have filled out the entire sheet we encourage you to share your progress with us. Send a picture or a video of your training along with your training tracker to us and we will share it on social media.

BRSC Training Tracker


The BRSC Bingo Card is a fun way for players to work on skills during free time. It is played similar to traditional bingo in which players attempt to complete a line of challenges. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Younger players can modify the more difficult challenges to best suit their skill level. When players complete the bingo card, please send photos or videos to us so we can share his or her achievement with the club. Use the button below to download and print your BRSC Bingo Card now.

BRSC Bingo Card


In Louisiana, we have our share of rain. To help our younger players express their creativity during our stormy, summer days we created a BRSC Color sheet for players to create custom jersey home and away kits. Our staff and membership would love to see your child's creation. Feel free to send in photos of their custom creations to us so we can share them with our membership.

BRSC Jersey Color Sheet
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