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The Baton Rouge Middle School Soccer program gives young student-athletes, boys and girls, the opportunity to participate in a fun and competitive league in affiliation with their school. Special considerations are available to students that wish to join but do not have a team participating in the league from their school.  This is done to allow every child to play.

Team placement will be contingent on several factors: age, grades in school, playing experience, and ability level.  Coaches' recommendations will be considered, with the league director having the final say regarding team placement. Players are allowed to play with their middle school and club teams simultaneously.

For the 2023/24 season, registration will be $35 per player. We will not be doing team registration. Online registration will open on Monday, October 3.

For more information, please email the Middle School League Director, Chris Mitchell.

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Middle School Tournament Champions


Division 1 - Woodlawn
Division 2 - EHS navy
Division 3 - Westdale
Division 4 - Catalonia FC
Division 5 - Black Widows
Division 6 - St. Jude
Division 7 - Rougarou
Divison 1 - UHS
Division 2 - Zachary
Division 3 - Lady Eagles
Division 4 - UHS
Division 5 - SAS Lions
Division 6 - St. George Thunderbirds


Game lengths are still two 30-minute halves. All games that end in a tie will go straight to PKs to decide a winner (no overtime period).

NO heading will be allowed.  This has been sent down by our governing body LSA.  If a player intentionally heads a ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded.

NO rosters will be required (per referee assignor).  This being said players are not allowed to play on multiple teams on the girls' and boys' sides during the tournament.  Especially when a team has been eliminated, players are not allowed to jump in and play on another team still in the tournament.

Red Card offenses

Coaches & players must sit out their next game.

If the Red card is for violent conduct – ie. Fighting this would result in elimination from the tournament



WBRW. FelicianaSt. Jude - BrooksLutcher ASTEM PurpleSTEM Orange
BASISFireball InfernoSt. GeorgeWestdaleLutcher BSAS Wendt Coed
Zachary WhiteEHS NavyAFSCParkview - NunesFlamesHurricane Red Coed
Great HeartSAS Coed SimmonsDutchtownMustangsW. Feliciana - RobinsonEHS White
RogarouZachary RedSherwood OrangeMayfairCatolinaSherwood White
Parkview - DieterichCubs PurpleWoodlawnLive Oak ASJVCubs Gold
Hurricane White CoedSAS Coed RedKS TigersMercyZachary Blue
Zachary BlackSherwood BlueCentralEHS GoldBlaze
SAS Coed BlueSharksLive Oak B
Hurricane Gold CoedHurricane Blue CoedSt. Jude Mouledous
Black Widows


BASISCentralDunhamLady Eagles - Butcher
EHS GoldZacharyGreat HeartsSTEM
LPS LightningLutcherLady Eagles - AbbottSt. Jude
SAS LionsParkviewMercyW. Felciana
SmallsSherwood OrangeUHS BlackWestdale
ThunderbirdsSGSSJVEHS Navy
St. Jude 4/5 GradeUHS YellowSherwood Blue
Copper Mill



Tuesday, Oct. 3rd   
Player online registration opens - $35/player

Tuesday, Oct. 24th
Deadline to sign up MS players

Monday, Nov. 6th
MS scheduling meeting at BREC Ballroom at 6:00 pm

Monday, Nov. 6th    
MS practices can begin at Burbank




Week 1 - Nov. 12, 13

Week 2 - Nov. 17, 18, 19, 20

Week 3 - Nov. 26, 27

Week 4 - Dec. 3, 4

Week 5 - Dec. 8, 9, 10, 11

Week 6 - Dec. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Rainout Weekend - Jan. 5, 6, 7, 8

End of Year Tournament - Jan. 12, 13, 14, 15



The 2023-2024 BRSC Middle School Soccer Season includes 6 games plus an end-of-season tournament.


  • Practice requests must be sent via email to Chris Mitchell. Please include the following:
    • BREC Field Usage Permit
    • Name of School
    • Name of MS team
    • Coach’s Name
    • Desired day/time (please include three options)
  • If requested practice times are approved, before any practices take place, teams will pay BRSC an administrative practice fee of $300 per team per middle school season.
  • The fee applies to teams that will be utilizing the Burbank Soccer Complex (day or night), Independence Park (night), and Flanacher (night).
  • There are no fees to use Indy or Flanacher during the day, but a request must be submitted to reserve a field during the day.
  • Teams may utilize other BREC parks as they are available. BRSC doesn’t reserve fields at BREC parks outside of Burbank, Indy, and Flanacher.

Fees Include

  • Half a field
  • Lights
  • Goals/nets
  • One day a week, for an hour practice per team
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