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The Soccer Referee Association of Baton Rouge and its members serve Baton Rouge Soccer Club year-round by training and providing referees for all games for ages 3rd Grade to Adult.  Referees enjoy the flexibility of setting their schedules and an average game pay that amounts to $15-$25/hour. The minimum age for referees is 13.

The process of becoming a referee is simple but does require several steps before you can begin.
Step 1: Register and complete a background check. This process is for candidates over the age of 18. Please be aware the background check can take a few days. T
Step 2: Complete the online course work after registering and submitting your background check. This process typically takes 4-5 hours.
Step 3: Attend a field training session. Upcoming courses will be updated regularly here.
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Due to current conditions related to COVID-19, training sessions will be held via Zoom instead of at the fields.


"I referee because it gives me the opportunity to be a helper to coaches and players to better understand the game of soccer. I also referee because I enjoy meeting great referees, amateur and professional, and learning from them. Refereeing is a gift and it is actually very fun."

"Refereeing is a fun way to stay connected to the game."

"I referee so I can improve and officiate higher level games."

SRABR at field training


The Soccer Referee Association of Baton Rouge (SRABR) is made up of over 200 United States Soccer Federation (USSF) officials.  SRABR members serve the youth and adult soccer community in the Greater Baton Rouge area and surrounding parishes in South Louisiana. For more information about SRABR click here or

SRABR President

John Imarata

SRABR Referee Liaison