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    Choosing a Program

    It is an essential step in the recruiting process to evaluate your playing potential. Using the guidelines below, and working closely with your club coaches and high school coaches to determine what level you would be best suited for at the collegiate level is a critical step for every player.

    For parents, it is also an important consideration to guide your son or daughter in this process. You do them no favors by inflating their hopes and being unrealistic about their playing ability and potential. Using third-party sources such as high school coaches, college coaches, skills coaches, fitness trainers, etc. will help you gain perspective on how to guide your son or daughter in this evaluation process.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Academic Guidelines for All Divisions: Striving for the scores listed below give a student-athlete the most options in the recruiting process. A good student is a better prospective recruit. Universities and colleges have much more flexibility and opportunities to bring an academically strong player into the program.

    • 3.0 GPA
    • 24 ACT
    • 1000 SAT (out of 1600)

    Indicators of Divison 1 Playing Potential

    Most Division I soccer players play on the top teams of well-known clubs throughout the country. These teams typically travel to the best tournaments nationwide and are recognized by college coaches at each event. Most collegiate scouting happens at the high-level club events and showcases that restrict which teams can compete. Most Division I players have ODP experience at the state level or higher. Nearly 100% of all Division I soccer players who played for their high school teams have earned at least All-Conference recognition. Most have also received All-District, All-State, and All-Region honors. It is essential not to limit yourself based on the list outlined below- these are simply guidelines that outline the typical soccer experience of Division I players across the country:

    • Has a recognizable CLUB Experience:
      • Premier Club Experience
      • Attends some Major Tournaments:
        • Surf Cup
        • CASL Shootout
        • Final Four
        • Disney Showcase
        • Score at the Shore
        • Jefferson Cup
        • Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup
        • PDA Memorial
        • Texas Shootout
        • YMS Columbus Day
        • Del Sol Presidents Cup
        • Blue Chip
        • Crossroads Showcase
        • Celtic Cup
        • Mustang Invitational
        • WAGS Cup


      • Has ODP Experience:
        • National Team/Pool
        • Regional Team/Pool
        • On the State Team, not just part of the pool
      • Has attended the Adidas ESP Camp
      • High School Experience:
        • All-American
        • Varsity Starter
        • All-State
        • All-Region/Conference/Sectional



    Indicators of Divison II, III, or NAIA Playing Potential

    With the number of scholarships available nationwide, there is potential for many club players to receive college scholarships aside from the Division I level. Especially with Title IX rules, there is tremendous potential in Women’s Soccer, especially for players to move on to compete at the college level. Over 95% of Division II, III, and NAIA soccer players have club experience. Nearly 70% of Division II, III, and NAIA soccer players have earned individual recognition at the high school level if they played high school soccer.



    • Club Experience:
      • Team travels to out of state tournaments
    • ODP Experience:
      • Tryouts/Camps
      • State Pool
    • High School Experience:
      • Varsity Starter


    • Club Experience:
      • Travels to Tournaments
      • Not AYSO or REC
    • High School Experience:
      • Varsity Starter


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