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    BRSC Adult Leagues are an excellent way to stay fit and have fun. Whether you're an experienced player or a soccer novice, we have several program options available year-round. Players 18 years or older can join as an individual or form a team with friends in one of our seven leagues. All games take place at Burbank Soccer Complex on evenings or weekends. Choose from Men's Open, Men's Over 30, Women's League, Co-ed Over 30, Co-ed Over 40, or Co-ed Open. Program offerings vary by season.

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    FALL 2024 SEASON


    EARLY BIRD ENDS: SEPTEMBER 1ST (excludes Over 40)

    Program Options

    Men’s Open

    Date: Sept. 15, 2024
    When:  Sun. 5 p.m./7 p.m.
    Games: Eight 11v11 matches
    Where: Burbank Soccer Complex

    Coed Over 40

    Date: Sept 15, 2024
    Seasons: Fall/Spring
    When:  Sun. 3 p.m./5 p.m.
    Games: Ten 7+2v7+2 matches (+women or over 65 / no refs)
    Where: Burbank Soccer Complex

    Men’s Over 30

    Date: Sept. 11, 2024
    When: Mon. - Thurs. 8:15 p.m.
    Games: Eight 11v11 matches
    Where: Burbank Soccer Complex

    Coed Open

    Start: June 10
    Days/Times: Winter Sun. 1 p.m.;
    Summer Mond/Wed 6:30 pm
    Games: Six 7v7 matches
    Where: Burbank

    Women's Open

    Date: Sept 14, 2024
    When: Thurs. 7:30 p.m.
    Games: Eight 11v11 matches
    Where: Burbank Soccer Complex

    Coed Over 30

    Start: June 13
    Days/Times: Winter Sun. 3 p.m.;
    Summer Tues./Thurs. 6:30 p.m.
    Six 11v11 matches
    Where: Burbank

    Please contact our Adult League Director, Stanley Johnson, with any questions or call the office at 225-924-2157.

    Adult League Representatives

    Each league adult league at BRSC has an assigned League Coordinator. The League Coordinator serves as a liaison between the Team Captains and the Adult Director, Stanley Johnson.

    Coed Open: Parker Marschall
    Coed Over 30:  Brian Buchert
    Men's Open: Stanley Johnson
    Men's Over 30: Simon Baxter
    Over 40: Simon Baxter
    Women's League: Kim Pitre


    Participant Conduct Review Policy

    • BRSC Adult League participants will be subject to Conduct Review,  following the accumulation of a red card for violent conduct, coupled with any additional cardable offense, OR three or more cardable offenses over the course of a season
    • The subject of a pending Conduct Review will not be permitted to participate in any BRSC Adult League functions until the review is complete. 
    • The Conduct Review will examine the subject’s most recent infractions in conjunction with any prior transgressions within the program.  
    • BRSC participants may be subject to a minimum one-game suspension or membership termination.  
      • Suspensions are to be served immediately following the conclusion of the Conduct Review and are to be issued without consideration of any missed matches.

    Disciplinary Sanctions


    • Recipients of a caution must now leave the field and may be replaced. Recipients can return to the field of play during the next substitution opportunity (with the referee's permission)

    Card Accumulation policy

    • Players that receive 3 yellow cards over the course of the season will serve a 1 game suspension to be served on the next match, following the 3rd caution. 

    Red Cards will be issued for any of the following offenses

    • Serious Foul play
    • Violent Conduct
    • Biting/Spitting
    • Offensive Language/Gestures directed at Refs. or Opposition
    • 2nd Caution


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