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    College Prep Resources

    Navigating academic requirements for the various school institutions can be challenging. To help make this process easier, we have compiled some helpful resources to assist you. It is essential players interested in playing collegiate soccer consult these guidelines in advance to ensure they meet all requirements set by the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

    The University and College Accountability Network is an excellent resource to compare colleges to help you narrow your search. It provides information regarding enrollment, tuition, graduation rates, financial aid, academic programs, and more.



    Sample Letter

    If you're not sure what to say to introduce yourself to a college coach, we have sample letters and a player profile to help you get started.

    NCAA Eligibility Center

    The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies that college-bound athletes who wish to compete in Division I or II athletic programs have met necessary academic credentials and are of amateur status. NCAA colleges and universities set these regulations to ensure all student-athletes meet NCAA standards, including required core courses.

    To qualify for NCAA eligibility, and view core course requirements, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

    What is the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete?

    The NCAA Guide for the college-Bound Student-Athlete offers instructional guidelines for high school student-athletes who wish to pursue athletes at the collegiate level. Every student-athlete and parent needs a copy of this guide. To receive a hard copy, call NCAA Store at 888.388.9748.

    Please remember that meeting the NCAA academic rules does not guarantee your admission into college. You must still apply and receive acceptance to the institution you want to attend.

    Junior College and NAIA

    For eligibility information at the Junior College and NAIA levels, visit the websites for NJCAA or NAIA.



    Need Help Finding a College?

    U-Can the University and College Accountability Network is a free, consumer-informed college information Web site and an excellent source to help student-athletes compare colleges. It can help student-athletes review colleges that best fit the intellectual, professional, and extracurricular interests, values and personality, and financial circumstances crucial to his or her satisfaction and academic success.

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