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The Baton Rouge Soccer Club has teamed up with the Houston Dynamo on a unique skill builders program. The Houston Dynamo Academy Skill Builders Program is a program to give our players the tools to become much more CONFIDENT, COMPETENT, and CREATIVE players with the ball at their feet. Building a strong relationship with the ball is the first step in becoming a quality soccer player. Players who possess a strong technical foundation have the potential to reach the highest levels in soccer. No matter your age or current level of play, we believe that you can always work to develop your technical skills.
By taking advantage of the Skill Builders Program, you can maximize your potential and become the best player you can be. You have the opportunity to live by our motto and KEEP DEVELOPING.

Skillbuilders Card

Skill Builders Cards

Every month, we will post a downloadable PDF document of the Skill Builders Card that we give out to our Academy players. On the front side of the card, is a blank calendar, and on the back side are the Skills of the Month. If a player practices the Skills of the Month for at least 30 minutes on the day, the player must get a parent/guardian to initial the day in which they practiced. The goal is for every player to practice at least 15 days out of the month. Practice must be done at home or outside of traditional structured soccer training. We want our players to put their development in their hands by putting in the extra work it takes to become a strong technical player.

Ball Mastery

Ball Mastery skills are foundation skills that will help build the relationship between a player’s feet and the ball. The right and left foot are partners. They must work together to control and manipulate the ball. The most technical players are able to use all parts of the foot at a high level.

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