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Baton Rouge Soccer Club and BREC - A Partnership for the Growth of Soccer

Through a successful cooperative endeavor agreement, BREC and Baton Rouge Soccer Club have been able to offer quality soccer facilities and programming to the Greater Baton Rouge Area. BRSC has established and implemented high-quality recreational programs for youth players of all age and stages. BREC has developed, built, and maintained first-class dedicated soccer facilities at the 24 field Burbank Soccer Complex, and the seven field Independence Park Complex. With over 6,500 members, BRSC and BREC have been the recognized leaders in the expansion of soccer as the fastest growing team sport in the Baton Rouge community.


BREC’s Park Operations staff is responsible for the daily maintenance of the Burbank Soccer Complex. The employees from the on-site maintenance shop perform a variety of services on the soccer fields at Burbank and Independence Park, which include: mowing, topdressing, fertilizing, aerification, sodding, irrigation, drainage repairs, trash pick-up, field lining, and restroom maintenance. This staff is responsible for the upkeep of all of the common areas outside the soccer fields, dog park, softball fields, fishing ponds. BREC also regularly maintains the parking rails, parking lots, and roads throughout the facility.

BREC’s Trades department staff performs needed maintenance on all buildings and structures on the property. BREC’s Tree Crew performs needed trimming and removal of trees and vegetation. BREC electricians maintain the field lights, including replacing light bulbs. BREC’s Horticulture department performs maintenance and changes color seasonally on all flower beds and plantings throughout the facility.

For more information on BREC, visit the BREC website.

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