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For over 40 years Baton Rouge Soccer Club has served the Greater Baton Rouge Community through excellence in soccer and physical fitness programming to people of all ages and abilities. As the largest non-profit soccer club in Louisiana and one of the largest in the southeastern region, we strive to set the standard soccer programming and customer service to our members. With more than 7,000 members, we are a full-service club with soccer programming which provides excellent learning and character-building experiences for youth and has a broad impact on the area’s economy.

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The mission of the Baton Rouge Soccer Club is to provide and promote excellence in soccer and physical fitness programming to people of all ages and abilities.



  1. Commitment to Excellence - We commit to providing excellence in both soccer programming and customer service to our members and understand the impact and importance of our work to the community. To accomplish this, we will:
    • Work collaboratively across programs to achieve our common goals
    • Make every effort to deliver, on time and within our guidelines, the commitments that we make to each other and each member
    • Welcome change and seek to marry improvements in process and product to the traditions that have served us well
    • We aspire at all times to improve our work in every dimension
  2. Innovation - We will continuously seek new and innovative ways to improve our work and impact on our community. To accomplish this, we will:
    • Seek out new, more efficient ways to achieve our goals
    • Create new programs to better serve our community, especially traditionally under-served populations
    • Invest time and resources to assure the success of new, innovative programs
    • Be willing to adapt to new ways of thinking, operating, and working
  3. Togetherness - We will form a cohesive unit that is supportive of others and works collectively to accomplish our goals. To achieve this, we will:
    • Provide support to our coworkers and members, both emotionally and by lending a helping hand when needed
    • Advocating for our coworkers, stakeholders, members, partners, and our organization in the community
  4. Leadership - We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize excellence. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards them. To accomplish this, we will:
    • Invest in staff development for all staff, both full-time and associate
    • Plan strategically, both in our work and in terms of organizational growth
    • Provide leadership, education, and guidance to associate team and members regarding safety, programming, and developmentally appropriate activities for our members
  5. Respect - All members of the organization will show respect to each other, to community members, and all physical spaces and property. To accomplish this, we will:
    • Model respect in our everyday activities and interactions
    • Treat others with dignity and respect while expecting others to do the same
    • Make a concerted effort to keep our work areas, including our fields, professional, well-maintained and safe
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