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    Pre-Competitive Program

    The BRSC Pre-Competitive Program introduces players to the competitive program. The purpose of the program focuses on player development, not team development. This low-stress approach allows players to explore the depths of their creativity without the stress of wins & losses. Players will participate in in-house play dates, festivals, tournaments, and in the Open Cup Tournament to finish the season. Players train three times a week and are loosely placed in pools to help maximize development.

    The program focuses on a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which includes technique, technical speed, tactical application of technique, and principles of play. The fall season runs from August through early November, and the spring season starts in late January and concludes in April. Players are permitted and encouraged to participate in the Pre-competitive Program and the Recreational program concurrently.

    Junior Competitive Boys and Girls players practice at Burbank three nights a week. The girls will train on Burbank Field #24, and the boys will be on Burbank Field #23

    For additional information, please contact the Boys Pre-Competitive Director, Stanley Johnson, or the Girls Pre-Competitive Director, Melissa Ramsey, or contact the office at 225.924.2157.

    What They're Saying About the BRSC Pre-competitive Program

    "I give my full endorsement to the move towards a more developmental method of training for younger players and moving away from the competitive model, which is now in place in Louisiana. The ages of 8-12 are key years in the development of soccer players. When the child gets older, it is the technical ability combined with soccer IQ and fitness, which inevitably determines the game-winner. If a child has no background in technical development, they will not be able to contribute at the next level as they get older. I fully support and endorse this movement to bring a more technical developmental approach to youth soccer in Louisiana. It is essential if we want to see Louisiana produce better-prepared soccer players to play at the higher levels of the game in the future."

    Kevin Sherry | Head Coach, Louisiana Tech Women's Soccer

    "I support this player development model because it creates an effective environment to grow soccer players the right way. The goal for all young players should be to fall in love with the game and build core soccer fundamentals. This model provides players the opportunity to accomplish this goal. It also prepares them to reach their full potential without an overbearing concern on wins and losses. I think this approach is the best way to develop successful players at the club, college and professional level."

    Patrick Mullins | Forward, New York City Football Club, MLS; 2-Time Hermann Trophy Award Winner

    “The U10 program at BRSC was a wonderful experience for both of my children (Abby 10, Aidan 11). The individual player development curriculum taught my kids new skills while refining those they already possessed in an environment that helped grow their love of the game. The new cooperative match play weekends plan with Mandeville & Lafayette will eliminate inconvenient trips to North Louisiana without losing any quality of play opportunities. I continue to be ecstatic with the quality service our home town club provides and take pride in Aidan & Abby being part of the BRSC family.”

    Brian Lee | Head Coach, LSU Women’s Soccer

    U10/U11 Club Partnership

    Three of the largest clubs in Louisiana have partnered to create a better developmental environment for the state’s Under-10/Under-11 players. The Baton Rouge Soccer Club (BRSC), Cajun Soccer Club (CSC), and Mandeville Soccer Club (MSC) have committed to taking an individual-player-developmental focus as opposed to a results-based focus. These clubs will have their U-10/U-11 players train in pools instead of separate teams. These pools will then play in in-house play dates, play dates between the three clubs, and U10 Festivals organized by BRSC, CSC, and MSC. The U-10/U-11 teams will not compete in the Louisiana Competitive Soccer League (LCSL) but will receive the same level of coaching and a better developmental experience. By removing the need to win games, coaches and players can focus on developmentally appropriate training and decisions in games. These changes have come about from joint discussions and collaboration between the leadership of all three clubs.


    Best practices and research on youth development shows that pool training can have significant benefits for players. This method allows for less pressure to win games and more freedom to allow children to develop soccer skills and knowledge appropriately. Many international clubs have used this framework for years, and it has seen them produce numerous high-level players.

    Hosting in-house play dates, play dates between the three clubs, and U-10/U-11 Festivals will have many benefits for players and families alike. This will result in less travel and a more defined schedule at the beginning of the year. The goal is to create a fun environment with less burn-out and higher retention of players. This change will allow for an improved developmental environment focusing on the long-term growth of our players. The clubs will have the freedom to manipulate formats of play. This collaboration also the clubs to adjust the field size and numbers. It also provides flexibility to ensure players are training and playing at an appropriately challenging level.

    Baton Rouge Soccer Club, Cajun Soccer Club, and Mandeville Soccer are excited for this next step in our quest to provide the very best in training and environments for our players and families.


    Pre-Competitive FAQ

    BRSC’s competitive program mission is to provide a top-quality competitive soccer program that will develop committed athletes into outstanding soccer players and team members in a competitive atmosphere of excellence, fair play, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to instill in all players passion, maturity, and self-confidence that will help them both on and off the field throughout their lives.
    Typically our fall season runs from the last week in July to the third week in November and the spring season from the first week of January to the third week in April. Practices are 1.5 hours duration three times a week, with games either Saturdays or Sundays.
    Our Competitive Program is year-round (fall & spring). However, our U-10 to U-12 Pre-Competitive and Programs offer a per-season registration option. Registration may be limited due to availability.
    Teams within our Competitive Program are coached by members of our licensed professional coaching staff.
    The competition schedule for the Pre-competitive Program includes Intra-Club Games (ICG), Inter-Club play dates with other clubs, Festivals, and at least one tournament event each season. The U11 Program includes Inter-Club play dates with other clubs, Premier Soccer League and Gulf State Premier League play dates, and at least two tournament events per season.
    Registration for our U-10 toU-12 Pre-Competitive Programs is by current birth year. There are no set teams in either program, and rosters are formulated on a weekly basis depending on the upcoming competition schedule.
    Online registration for our U-10 toU-12 Pre-competitive Programs are typically available year-round at Registration may close early should the number of players dictate. The best way to gaurantee placement is to attend the Player Placement Process in the spring.
    The program structure is designed to provide the players with a learning environment that will challenge them to refine their technical skills and introduce them to more advanced principles of play.
    Our U-10 Jr. Competitive Program plays 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8, or 9v9 format depending on the ICG, Inter-club play date, festival, or tournament entry. Our U11 Program plays 9v9 format. Our U12 Program plays 9v9 and 11v11.
    Cost varies depending on the level of competition and league participation. Current club registration fees are available in our registration portal and in our players and parents handbook at
    Practice frequency varies depending on levels of competition. Currently, our pre-competitive program trains three days a week from 5:00 - 6:30 or 6:30 - 8:00 pm at Our Lady of the Lake Fields at Burbank Soccer Park.
    BRSC Competitive Program practice (black) jersey. BRSC Competitive Program competition uniform ensemble (two jerseys, two shorts & two socks) red and gray. These items can be purchased at Third Coast Soccer. Player numbers will be assigned by the Competitive Administrator. Please confirm your player's number with our staff before adding it to your kit.
    ALL BRSC Competitive Program practices are 1.5 hours duration.

    BRSC Program Comparison

    Age Range2 - 44 - 1210 - 185 - 11 at Burbank; 8 -15 at Zachary & Central9-1111 - 18
    Fun Oriented
    Developmentally Oriented
    Volunteer Coaches
    Club Allocated Coaches
    Licensed Coaching
    TravelLimited Local TravelLimited Local TravelLocal Travel
    Games per Season6-86-88+11 ISGs20 - 2424+
    Weekend Play
    CampusBurbank & IndependenceAll CampusesAll CampusesBurbank, Zachary & CentralBurbankBurbank
    Team FormationForm own teams / Pool teamsForm own teamsGrouped by Age / SkillFree Flowing teamsPlacement Based
    Season CommitmentFall, Winter, Spring, or SummerFall or SpringFall or SpringFall, Winter, or SpringFall thru SpringFall thru Spring

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