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BRSC Challenge League

BRSC Challenge League provides an opportunity for top-tier recreational teams to play against comparable competition. Schedules are created by the Challenge League Director and may include BRSC competitive teams, teams from nearby clubs, and other BRSC Challenge League members.

Teams will also have the ability to participate in tournaments with approval from the BRSC Challenge League Director.

BRSC Challenge League



 Coaching  Full-year Price
 (Fall & Spring)
 Half-year Price
 (Fall or Spring)
 No paid coach  Coach is a volunteer  $575  $300
 Paid Trainer  BRSC provides a trainer for practices  $775  $400
 Paid Coach  BRSC provides a trainer for practices and games  $975  $500


Can Challenge staff coaches and volunteer coaches attend BRSC staff training?

Yes, all Challenge team coaches are welcome to attend the BRSC coaching education courses. Training sessions will take place at Burbank Field 6 at 8:30 pm on October 21st and November 13th.

Can Challenge players club pass/guest play with competitive teams in games and tournaments?

Yes, challenge players guest play/can club pass with competitive teams. Per LSA policies, competitive players are not allowed to guest play/club pass with Challenge teams.

Can Challenge players attend Competitive Goalkeeper training sessions?

Yes, we encourage you to ask your goalkeepers to attend competitive goalkeeper training sessions. Please contact Richard Rollins to learn more.

What jerseys do we wear?

For the inaugural season, teams can wear uniforms they purchased last season. After the 2019-2020 season, teams will need to purchase the BRSC recreational or competitive jerseys for their teams.

Can Challenge teams practice at Burbank?

Yes, all challenge teams can practice at Burbank.

What age groups make up the Challenge League?

The league is made up of teams from U11 through U18 boys and girls.