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Rec Coach's Corner

BRSC Recreational Leagues are volunteer-based programs that require parents or former players to serve as coaches. No previous coaching or playing experience is necessary to coach. BRSC provides coaches with the essential equipment and training resources to have an enjoyable season. To coach, volunteers need to complete a background check before BRSC can assign players to a coach.

The Coach's Corner provides the necessary resources for recreational coaches need to schedule practices, reschedule games, learn rules, and view schedules.

BRSC Recreational Coach's Corner



The link to your team page is available in your Blue Sombrero account (the account used to register as a coach). Once you have clicked the link, your team page will show multiple tabs across the top. Clicking on the roster tab listed will display a page with player first names and photos. All teams from 3rd -12th grade will need to have a printed copy of this page at all games. The referee will use the roster to check in your team. On the roster page (top left) is a blue printable roster link. This link will print an “official roster,” but it will not have player photos.


You can email your team through the team home page. The communication tab on the top of the page will lead you to draft an email to the team. Parents can also communicate via Blue Sombrero. You can also pull their emails onto the printed roster using the instructions above.

Find your Schedule

Schedules are available on the Schedules page. You will click the “Click Here to View Program Schedules” button in the middle of the home page. On the Schedules page, find your division on the first drop-down box and click “Go!”. On the second drop-down box, select your team name and click “Go!” to find your schedule.


BRSC Game Format Horizontal2-01


As a coach, it is essential to understand the laws of the game. This is especially true if you have players new to soccer. A firm grasp of the laws of the game will create a much more enjoyable experience for coaches, players, and referees. If you have questions regarding rules, please contact BRSC Recreational Coaching Director Stanley Johnson.


For the 7v7 and 9v9 games, the field will include build-out lines to promote individual skills and facilitate game flow. On 7v7 fields, the build-out lines are 15 yards from each end line. For the 9v9 fields, the build-out lines are 20 yards from each end line. The build-out line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back in an unpressured environment.


To practice at one of BRSC's campuses, you must complete the practice request form. BRSC assigns practices on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage you to complete this process as soon as your background check clears, and finalize your roster. To schedule a practice field at a BRSC facility, please click the appropriate button below according to the age group you are coaching.

BRSC Recreational Coaches


Cancellation & Rescheduling

Need to cancel or reschedule a BRSC Recreational League game?
Follow these steps and deadlines to request a cancellation or reschedule of a BRSC Recreational League game at any BRSC campus. A maximum of 2 reschedules are available per team each season. Requests submitted after the deadline may not be honored and could result in a forfeit. Please make every effort to play as scheduled.

The minimum number of players required for a game:
PreK – 2nd Grade 3v3 (6 total players)
3rd– 4th Grade 4v4 (8 total players)
5th– 6th Grade 5v5 (10 total players)
7th Grade & up 7v7 (14 total players)

Recommended modifications to avoid cancellation/reschedule:
1. The game may be played with fewer players on one or both sides, down to the minimum required.
2. Opposing teams may share players.
3. Water breaks may be taken/requested.
4. A parent or volunteer may fill in for an unavailable coach. Contact Morgan Bellington in advance for approval.

Deadlines for submitting the request:

PreK – 2nd Grade
Wednesday at 10:00 am for the weekend
Friday at 10:00 am for a weeknight

3rd Grade – 12th Grade
Monday at 10:00 am for the weekend
Friday at 10:00 am for a weeknight


  1. Contact the opposing coach
    • Coach contact information is at the top of each team’s online schedule
  1. Submit the online form for cancellation/reschedule
    • You will need the date, field, time, and team names of the original game as well as two options for rescheduling.
    • Separate cancellation and reschedule requests may be submitted to meet a deadline.
    • Click here to complete the request form.
  2. Check the online schedule for updates. You will be contacted via email if there is an issue with a request.


Coaches may qualify for a $500 tax benefit for volunteering to coach! Due to BRSC's Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with BREC, all coaches who complete the required documentation and volunteer at least 30 hours in a year should qualify for the benefit.

Coaches should complete a time sheet to qualify. Volunteers must record and submit their information to the BRSC office by December 15th. Tax credit forms should arrive by the end of January if submitted on time.


BRSC Rec Plus

To help make the recreational coaching experience more enjoyable for you and your players, we have weekly practice plans for every week of the season. Whether you are a new or experienced coach, these practice plans serve as the perfect foundation to help prepare your players for gamedays. Each session includes several activities that are age and developmentally appropriate for your players. The following plans are created to fill an hour-long practice. Practice plans for the other age groups will be available soon.