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To help our players stay sharp and engaged during this lengthy break, BRSC will host a Digital Juggling Club. Juggling is an essential skill that players can do on their own with limited space. It helps improve mastery of ball control, touch, and builds comfort with the ball.

Participation in the BRSC Digital Juggling Club is simple. Parents can video their child or players can set up a stationary camera/phone to record his or her juggling. The ball can either start from the ground or as a drop from the player's hands. As the player improves, we challenge them to only start from the ground with a pullback. Each touch is a point, and points will accrue until the ball touches the ground. We encourage players to submit multiple videos every day should they improve from a previous best score. Please limit one submission per day. Email entries to Trent Bland or post to Facebook and tag Baton Rouge Soccer Club with the hashtag #BRSCJugglingClub. Please make sure the post is set to public to ensure we can view the post.

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Katie Crochet01/02G Black3149
Jack Earle04B Black2550
Lane Mendoza06B Black1307
Chris MitchellCoach 09G Black1267
Maggie Denison04G Black1112
Jorden Moore08B Black1090
Grace Denison05 Tornados1005
Louie SmothermonBRSC Executive Director671
Kadyn Massett07G Black305
Caden Bland08B Black141
Angie MitchellZachary Campus Director85
Darilyn Gaffney07G Maroon64
Neal Fortenberry, Jr.09B Red44
Gabe Rico08B Black31
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