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Academy Return to Play Update

BRSC Academy


The decision to return to play is an extremely complicated one and we want to reassure you that the safety of each member is the top priority of our BRSC Leadership. We will adhere to the federal guidelines for states to resume business activities as outlined in the CDC Opening Up America Again Guidelines. In this three-phased approach, “schools and organized youth activities” – including sporting venues – are listed in the second phase, which is applicable for states that satisfy all established Gating Criteria.

PHASE ONE (Potentially May 15-31) – Per the Governor’s extension, Phase One will commence on May 15 and requires social distancing in public and avoiding groups of 10 or more. Phase One specifically states that “Organized Youth Activities that are currently closed should remain closed.” Obviously these criteria make it impossible for soccer programming and as a result, LSA’s suspension of ALL activities and events at all levels of play will continue throughout Phase One.

PHASE TWO and PHASE THREE – Optimistically we could possibly enter into Phase Two come June 8th and Phase Three June 22nd, providing the prescribed CDC Gating Criteria are met between each Phase. We are very hopeful that we will return to play during Phase Two with compliance with the LSA Return To Play Protocol and the Governor’s Opening Up America Again Guidelines for our state.

While doing all we can to ensure player safety, our ultimate goal is to resume play thus allowing our players some sense of normalcy in an aspect of their lives they are most passionate about. We will do our due diligence in following LSA’s COVID-19 Return to Play Protocol, which again adheres to the Opening Up America Again Guidelines.

We are hopeful that the continued suspension of activities until June 5th puts us in a position to begin Phase Two starting June 8th. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow up with any updates. Additionally, we will provide details the week prior to our return-to-play decision.

Academy/ Rec. Plus Spring season

We will provide our spring season delay and deliver training this summer from June 8 – July 23. The practice sessions will be modified to one hour each training day. Practice time will be from 5:00 – 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

We will not have an Academy games day on Wednesday due to the contact restrictions in Phase two. We will inform you when we can incorporate this back into the schedule.

*Independence players will practice at Burbank during this delayed season.

Rec. Plus players will continue to attend the day or days that they were registered in for the Spring season. If you need to change and attend a different day that would be fine for this season as well.

Academy practice: 5:00 – 6:00 pm/ Tuesday & Thursday/ Burbank Fields 5 & 6

Rec. Plus practice: 5:00 – 6:00 pm /Tuesday & Thursday/ Burbank Fields 5 & 6

Safety information and Return to play forms

Information on the Return to play Spring season will be provided below. We are taking every precaution to make sure the players are in a safe and clean environment when they return to the field. Please take the time to read over the information and follow the instructions on attending practice each day. We believe these extra steps and precautions will help us to keep all of the coaches and players safe during the second and third phases of the guidelines.

Parents must complete the following before each player can participate in the Spring season:

*Please read the COVID-19 Return to Play Handbook and view the Return to Play video on the BRSC Website. (The practice times listed in the handbook do not apply to the Academy/Rec. Plus Program)

***Each parent must complete and submit the BRSC Return to Play questionnaire before a player is permitted to participate. (In the Return to Play handbook)

***Each parent must create a Healthy Roster account and complete a Safer Play survey on their practice days. (This information will be emailed to everyone registered in the Academy/ Rec. Plus program)

We look forward to having all of the players out on the fields again!

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