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Tracy Phipps

Mudbugz Program Director

A native of Daytona Beach, FL, Tracy Phipps discovered her love of soccer after being introduced to the game in her early 20s by her late husband. She began to truly develop her knowledge of the game after moving to the Dallas, TX area in 2007 where she attended numerous FC Dallas games. She also became involved in her son’s recreational soccer league serving as the team parent and assisting her late husband with coaching.

Although never playing much more than a few pick-up games as an adult, she has really developed a keen sense of the game and has been successfully coaching youth recreational soccer teams here in Baton Rouge, LA since 2017. In addition to being a self-taught recreational coach, she spent just over a year training and coaching soccer to children from ages 2-6 years old.

Beyond the field, Tracy is a homeschool teacher, a tutor, and is certified in Children’s Ministry. Her method for working with children of any background or ability, is patience, encouragement, and a “can-do” attitude!

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