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Benefits of Coaching

Serving as a recreational soccer coach is an incredibly rewarding experience. BRSC coaches play a crucial role in helping the development of children within the sport but also in life. As a coach, you will help children learn the value of teamwork, how to win graciously, how to handle setbacks, when to adjust strategy, and how to persevere. Best of all, coaches have a direct hand in the development of each player. As a parent-coach, you will forge memories with your child that will last a lifetime.

BRSC Benefits
BRSC coaches also have the added benefit of establishing the practice time and location for the team. The ability to set schedules is the perfect option for parents with busy lives. Coaches also have input with game schedules and the reschedule of games. Whether you have experience with soccer or have limited knowledge of the game, BRSC provides all the necessary training and equipment to prepare you for the season. All coaches receive a free Raising Cane’s kit with all of the required practice gear for your team.

BRSC Support
BRSC also provides ongoing coaching education through clinics, and weekly practice sessions, which arrive via email. Coaches in need of additional assistance can contact the BRSC Director of Coaching to receive support with practices as needed. Beyond providing an enjoyable experience for a group of enthusiastic kids throughout a season, you will also find that there is a lot of leftover for the coach as well.

For questions about coaching, contact BRSC Director of Coaching Stanley Johnson.

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