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What is Recreational Soccer?

Recreational Soccer

BRSC recreational soccer leagues are an introductory program devoted to the enjoyment of the game and the development of players. In our recreational league, the emphasis is on fun, learning how to play the game, and developing life-long skills. Players should be free to make mistakes without feeling high-level pressure from coaches and parents to win.

Our hope is for parents to ask children if they had fun after the game. Positive reinforcement of recreational players is critical to their enjoyment of the game and benefit the child much more than discussing mistakes.

BRSC Recreational Soccer Leagues is a Volunteer-based program

Coaches and managers of recreational teams strictly comprise of volunteers. It is not a requirement for coaches to have previous playing or coaching experience to participate. We ask coaches to be positive role models for players and ensure the kids have fun.

BRSC provides the necessary gear and provides training opportunities and lessons for coaches to have a fun and successful year. If you are interested in volunteering to coach, you can learn more about the process here.

The Benefits of Recreation Soccer

-No travel necessary

-Players can play with classmates and friends

-Guaranteed playing time

-Recreational soccer provides an enjoyable environment to introduce children to the sport in a nurturing and supportive way that allows them to learn the game

-Low pressure, fun-filled activities are essential to the development of necessary skills and tactical awareness

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