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Reminders for the spring into summer for College-bound athletes and parents

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Good day to our BRSC players and parents.  As I continue to assist some of our Juniors with the recruiting and collegiate process, I am acutely aware that this topic is not at the top of many priority lists during this pandemic.  However, with the changing climate of collegiate athletics as a result of this pandemic both in terms of programs that are available and the financial backing some of these programs will lose, it’s important to set our players up for success. Here are some of the things that will be beneficial to your player’s collegiate aspirations during this time:

First, if you have not already signed up at with the NCAA Eligibility Center, I encourage you to do so at this time.  Depending on the level of school you are looking for you will be asked to pay a fee for use for Division 1 and 2, or make a profile.  If you are looking at having your child attend a Division 1 or 2 level program, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the Eligibility Center and the website.  The website gives you all the information needed to get a sense of what the NCAA requires for your student/athlete to be able to play the Division 1 and 2 level in their freshman year.

Secondly, put together a resume for coaches/institutions of interest to you.  This resume should have soccer accomplishments, contact information, academic achievements, references, etc.  If a college/university is not speaking with your child at this time, it’s important to advocate for yourself at the schools you are seeking to attend. A word of caution here, do your homework on your programs of interest. It is essential to have a realistic view if your student/athlete is capable of playing at the level of the program.

Finally, and most importantly, take advantage of club resources.  As the collegiate coordinator for BRSC, it’s part of my job to advocate for your student/athlete in their effort to play at the collegiate level. In my role in the club, I will do research on potential schools your child would like to attend and speak with you about realistic opportunities that are available for your child.

My experiences cover all levels of the NCAA as well as NAIA schools.  There are many options for your student/athlete and part of what we provide here at BRSC is the ability to research and find the best options for your student-athlete. My email at BRSC is I look forward to assisting our athletes and parents through this process.  Please email me and I will get back to you quickly to help you find the best options for your student/athlete.

All the best,

Richard Rollins
Collegiate Coordinator


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