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Mid-year Checklist for Players Going to College

I hope that all is well heading into the holiday season, and all is well with you and your families.

This month I would like to put out a checklist for those who have kids headed off to college next year. We want to be sure that these kids are eligible for participation right away, and double-checking these items is a benefit for them and the institution they will attend as a student-athlete.

1. Core Courses- Get together with your high school guidance counselor and be sure that all core course requirements are covered. For those that have some left to do their senior year, they have to have adequate grades in these courses for them to count. Staying on top of this is a critical piece for both the player and the program.

2. Financial Aid- Make sure all items for financial aid have been turned in by the appropriate dates. Being in communication with the school in this regard is very helpful and essential to make sure all this information is up to date. Also, be sure that your student-athlete is applying for grants and scholarships that are out there, both public and private. Most of these require writing a document about a topic and vary from one year to four years.

3. Be certain applications to all the schools you are interested in have been submitted. The college/university will be going through thousands of applications. The earlier that you can get them in, the better. Also, it is an excellent plan to have the coach of your program contact the admissions office to let them know to expect your application and be on the lookout for it. Most coaches have a person they go through that they rely on to help with the process for their program.

4. Be sure to update any information with the NCAA clearinghouse for players interested in going to play at Division 1 and 2 institutions. Keeping your information current helps the school’s compliance officer(s) get through their process more efficiently and effectively. If you have already narrowed down the process for your school, an official visit may be a part of the process. Make sure you know what the expectations are for that visit, as this varies at institutions based on the school’s budget.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the members of our BRSC family and all the best,

Richard Rollins
Collegiate Coordinator

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