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How BRSC places players on teams?

One of the most common questions we receive during the recreational registration process is how we place players on teams. For players who do not have a requested team, we use several factors provided during the registration process to group players together.

The three primary points we take into consideration are the player’s school, address, and preferred practice location. BRSC also takes into account any special requests noted in the registration process. These can include the desire to play for a particular coach, friend, or practice days. Since all BRSC coaches in our recreational leagues are parent volunteers, it is not always possible to meet practice time and date requests. Each coach sets practice dates, times, and locations.

Some parents want to coach but do not have a team. We connect those parents/coaches with unallocated players first based on placement preferences.

In instances when we have more available players than coaches, we will contact parents of unallocated players to gauge interest in serving as a coach. Volunteer coaches help fulfill a critical role for our club and players to provide players with an enjoyable experience. No previous soccer experience to coach is required.

Player placement continues throughout the registration period. Our goal is to have players on teams two weeks before the start of the season. Schedules are posted one week before the rec start date.

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