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Trenton Bland

Trenton Bland

Director of Marketing

Trent doesn’t play soccer. It’s not that he doesn’t want to. Trent has a medical condition that makes breaking bones a near certainty. Over his childhood, he lost count somewhere in the teens. Since he can’t actively participate in the sport he loves, it’s his mission to help other people enjoy the beautiful game. That includes his two kids, who have played in almost every program we have to offer, from Mudbugz all the way to MLS NEXT with LATDP Elite.

Trent’s work with Baton Rouge Soccer began while he was a copywriter for Otey White & Associates. For twelve years, Trent and the team at OWA would assist BRSC with marketing materials for various programs and events. In 2019, Trent joined the staff as our full-time marketing director. In this role, Trent is able to use the skills he picked up on the agency side to handle all of our graphic design, social media marketing, video production and editing, web design, photography, and more.

Trent has accrued his fair share of awards, winning several silver and gold awards at the American Advertising Awards for his copywriting and creative direction. He won the American Advertising Federation of Baton Rouge’s President Service award in 2014 and would later serve on the board and as president of the organization in 2016. Under his leadership, the club won Division III and National Club of the Year honors for the fourth time in the club’s 80-year history. Following his presidency, he would serve the club on the district level as the Newsletter Chair.

Since those days, he has focused his efforts more on his children and their love for soccer. Trent was also a part of the team that helped bring MLS NEXT and Girls Academy to Louisiana through our partner program with LATDP Elite. He also serves as the marketing director for LATDP Elite’s MLS NEXT and Girls Academy programs alongside his duties for BRSC.

You can often catch him at the fields watching his kids play and roaming the fields at Burbank to snap pictures or do interviews for the club’s latest TikTok.

While it’s true that Trent has never played a minute of competitive soccer outside of his backyard, he helps inspire many others to pick up the game.


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