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One of the most critical volunteers in youth sports is “The Parent Coach." The quality of coaching determines the quality of the overall athletic experience for each player and parent. A good coach not only teaches the game but also focuses on the development of the “whole person” while cultivating a FUN environment! He/she is a role model, instills good habits, and teaches a lot of life lessons through the sport. Conversely, the negative impact of poor coaching can have long term effects on young athletes, both in terms of their continuing interest in the game and maintaining an active lifestyle in general. We have all heard the stories of families with bad experiences in youth sports.

We are truly privileged to have hundreds of volunteer coaches within BRSC. The majority of these coaches are well-intentioned and have a good grasp of the game of soccer.  If they don’t, we offer ample opportunities such as clinics, coaching courses, and other resources to obtain technical sport-related coaching knowledge. However, most volunteer youth coaches do not possess training and experience in how to coach kids from a motivational, psychological, or developmental perspective.

Our Vision

Enhancing the overall developmental cycle thus developing better coaches, educating parents, developing better players, instilling a greater, passion, enjoyment and appreciation for the sport.


Coaches will obtain certification from participating in a clinic for the age group they are currently registered for or plan on coaching. These clinics take place before the start of the fall and spring seasons. These clinics will be supervised and instructed by BRSC’s Director of Coaching, Marvin Smith. Coach Marvin is currently a National Academy Staff Instructor for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America-NSCAA. Marvin has spent the past seven years traveling around the United States, instructing NSCAA Diploma coaching courses.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Qualified BRSC coaching staff members will assist as well as other professionals with backgrounds in sports psychology, child psychology, nutrition, sports safety, and prevention. Pre-registration is required to ensure we have a good-staff-to coach ratio and the correct number of coaches’ packets.

Upon completion, each coach will receive a BRSC Coaching Certificate and an Adidas shirt.

Our Mission

To provide the most rewarding soccer experience to our youth membership by enhancing the soccer knowledge of every registered BRSC volunteer coach.