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Middle School Tournament Schedules

BRSC Middle School Tournament Schedules Released

The BRSC 2024 Middle School Tournament Schedule Presented by Sherman & Balhoff - Specialists in Orthodontics is here. You can download the schedules using the links below.

Any questions should be directed to BRSC Middle School League Director Chris Mitchell.



Last updated January 10th at 12:38 pm.


Game lengths are still two 30-minute halves. All games that end in a tie will go straight to PKs to decide a winner (no overtime period).

NO heading will be allowed.  This has been sent down by our governing body LSA.  If a player intentionally heads a ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded.

NO rosters will be required (per referee assignor).  This being said players are not allowed to play on multiple teams on the girls' and boys' sides during the tournament.  Especially when a team has been eliminated, players are not allowed to jump in and play on another team still in the tournament.

Red Card offenses

Coaches & players must sit out their next game.

If the Red card is for violent conduct – ie. Fighting this would result in elimination from the tournament

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