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Heat Dome: BRSC Stage 2 Heat Advisory Adjustments

Stage 2 Heat Advisory Adjustments

The forecast calls for another week of very hot conditions. Starting Wednesday, we are looking at these possibly being the hottest days of the year. In an effort to deliver programming we are making the following adjustments this week/weekend:

1. Practices: Monday & Tuesday
Session 1: 5:30 pm-6:45 pm
Session 2: 6:45 pm-8:00 pm

2. Practices: Wednesday & Thursday
Session 1: 6:00 pm-7:15 pm
Session 2: 7:15 pm-8:30 pm
* Players may only participate in ONE practice per day.
* NO Soccer activities (includes all programming and members) at Burbank before 5:30 pm (6:00 pm on Wed & Thurs).

3. Game times this weekend:
7 am
9 am (time slots are full on Saturday)
11 am (time slots are full on Saturday)
1 pm No games
3 pm No games
6 pm
* These time slots are for Saturday and Sunday.
* Plan for additional water breaks during these games as the Temperature rises.
* Teams will only be scheduled for 1 game per day on Saturday and Sunday at Burbank.

*Players can only play one game per day at Burbank.

We will continue to monitor the weather and provide the safest environment that we can while navigating this historic “Heat Dome”. At the end of the day, it’s for player safety.

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