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BRSC Hurricane Update – 8/31

Dear BRSC membership,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and hope that everyone is safe and well.  After assessing the current local impact of Hurricane Ida, many of our members have damage to their homes, do not have electricity, spotty cell service, and no internet.  Our office does not have power.  We have assessed the damage to the parks and equipment and have damage to some of our goals, etc.  All BRSC programming will be suspended until Tuesday, September 7th.

We understand that several of our teams are scheduled to play out of town over Labor Day weekend.  We have asked our coaches and managers to poll their teams’ availability and interest in traveling.  We will leave travel decisions to each team to decide.  Any and all travel for members should be completely optional.  If a team is going to travel, please touch base with a competitive director.

BRSC Leadership


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