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BRSC Backyard Soccer “League”

It looks to be a great weekend for soccer with highs in the 70s. Since we are unable to get together to practice and play, we’re encouraging you to hold a family game day! How you set up your BRSC Backyard Soccer League (BSL) Game is up to you, but here are some helpful suggestions to make it a memorable day:

• Create teams – Parents vs kids, boys vs. girls or draw names from a hat
• Set a timer or a goal benchmark to determine the length of gameplay
• Mark your playing area; use household objects to denote goals and boundary markers if you do not have the equipment
• Take team photos before the game
• Set up a camera or three to film the action
• After the game is over, hold post-game interviews with all players; don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions

Submit your scores, photos, and videos to We want to share the scores and highlights of your BSL game with the club.

Fun Not-so-legal Note: This is not an official BRSC league. Participation is voluntary. We accept full responsibility should any BRSC players win by double digits.

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