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BRSC Competitive – Player Placement Process (Tryouts)

BRSC Player Placement Process


Good Morning BRSC Members

We are pleased to announce that, registration for the 2023-2024 Player Placement Process (PPP) is open. For those who are unfamiliar with PPP, more commonly known as a ‘tryout’ is a process that enables boys and girls born in 2014 through 2005 to be evaluated by BRSC Staff Coaches with the possibility of being placed on one of the BRSC Competitive Teams for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 seasons.

Before we share our registration with you, we would like to inform you of another announcement for the upcoming Fall 2023 season. In January, BRSC made a move from the previous platform for registrations (LeagueApps) to a new, exciting, soccer-related platform called PlayMetrics. We know that this change brings some minor requests to create new accounts, and need to familiarize ourselves with a new site, however, we feel for our membership and club programming being in one centralized location will be best for all.


Please use the link below for PPP to create your account and add your child(ren). We also recommend that you download the PlayMetrics app from your mobile App Store after you create your account, then log in using those details. Below are some useful links when it comes to the new software to make your onboarding process much simpler.

Registering with Playmetrics


How to register for a Program (As a Parent)

Adding additional Family Contacts to your account

Parent FAQs - Managing Your PlayMetrics Account


Below you will find the registration link for our PPP this Spring. Remember, this is for 2014 through 2005 birth years, both boys and girls.

2010 (U14), 2009 (U15) & 2008 (U16): BOYS ONLY

Monday, May 29, 2023
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
5:00-6:15 pm

2010 (U14), 2009 (U15) & 2008 (U16): GIRLS ONLY

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023
5:00-6:15 pm

2007 (U17), 2006 (U18) & 2005 (U19): BOYS & GIRLS

Monday, June 5, 2023
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
5:00-6:15 pm

Location: Independence Park
7711 Goodwood Blvd. | Baton Rouge, LA 70806

2023-2024 BRSC Competitive Player Placement (PPP) Registration Link

We look forward to welcoming you to our new system. We will be releasing some more information regarding this software over the coming weeks.


Baton Rouge Soccer Club

BRSC Players Named to HS All-Stars Teams

Several current and former BRSC were recently selected to the LHSAA East-West All-Star Game. BRSC 07G and 04G Black Head Coach Roger Charcap was named head coach of the Boys’ East All-Start Team. Coach Charcap is head coach of the boys’ team at Parkview Baptist.


Jacob Agazzi 02/03B Black

Tyler Bridgewater 02/03B Black

Ullrich Gaffney Former BRSC Player

David Hopkins 02/03B Black

Blake Romaine 02/03B Black

Alternates Participating in All-Star Game

Brennan Amato 02/03B Black

Luke Turner 02/03B Black



Caroline Simpson 03G Black

Emma Allen 03G Black

Rachel Cretini 03G Black

Lauren Graham 03G Red

Anna Kate Smith 03G Black

Sydney Charles Former BRSC Player

Grace Moraes 03G Black

Alternate Participating in All-Star Game

Abby Arledge 03G Black

BRSC Competitive Update & Refund Policy

Competitive Update - July 6, 2020

Dear Competitive Members,

BRSC has enjoyed seeing the smiling faces during our return to play. The health and safety of our BRSC family are at the forefront of our minds. Our coaches and staff have enjoyed seeing the players the past few weeks during training.

Many of you have asked if Baton Rouge Soccer will refund or credit dues and fees for the Competitive program. We want to confirm for our players and families that we are fully committed to offering alternative programming, other comparable services, credits, and refunds.

The Governor has extended Phase Two to July 24th. We will continue social distance training through Phase Two in hopes of advancing to small and full-sided games in Phase Three or Four. Our youth soccer governing body, the Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA) will continue to provide updates and we will keep you informed. Baton Rouge Soccer’s leadership is especially sensitive to the implications to players and their families. Likewise, it is imperative that we prudently manage our resources during this crisis to both allow for the refunds and credits, and ensure the continued operations of the club.

Credit/Refund/Donate Options for Members
The staff and the Board of Directors considered many variables and factors to develop a policy that is fair and reasonable for our Academy, Junior Competitive, and Competitive programs.

For Academy, Junior Competitive, and Competitive programs, BRSC intends to deliver all training and games paid for by its members. The BRSC credit/refund/donate options are:

1. Credit:
• Pro-rated credit based on a portion of the season that is delivered (includes training and games). The credit is valid for 1 year towards ANY upcoming programming.
• 25% of registration fees are non-refundable (this does not include pre-paid team fees. Unused team fees may be credited or refunded).

2. Refund:
• Pro-rated refund based on the portion of the season that is delivered (includes training and games).
• 25% of registration fees are non-refundable (this does not include pre-paid team fees. Unused team fees are refundable. There will be no refunds if we are able to deliver 75% of the Academy, Junior Competitive, or Competitive programs).

3. Donate:
BRSC is a 501-C3 not for profit organization. Donations will go toward member services, players in need of assistance fund, outreach, etc. We encourage you to consult with your tax professional as to deductibility.

Anyone with extenuating circumstances should contact the office or program director.
We hope you and yours stay safe and well during this time.

Best regards in soccer,
BRSC Leadership


Posted July 6, 2020

BRSC 2020 Physicals Day Update

BRSC Physical Day

BRSC has discussed several factors and the proper protocols for conducting a mass physical day. We do not feel we could put on a physical day that is in a timely manner that is also following social distancing and other safety protocols. Rather than provide a subpar physical day and possibly risk public safety, BRSC has come to the conclusion that conducting a mass physical day this year is not in the best interest/safety of our membership and the BRSC and BROC staffs. Instead, we are asking our membership to have their player get their physical performed by their primary care physician or go to a clinic that provides physical services.

If a player does not have a primary care physician or if paying a fee for a physical at a clinic would cause financial hardship, please contact Santana Ruiz to set up an appointment with physicians at BROC who are willing to take any players in these situations.

Once a player’s physical is performed, parents may directly upload the form to Healthy Roster.  In order to upload directly login to your Healthy Roster account, click on your child’s name, then click the DOCUMENTS button, lastly click on “BRSC Pre-Participation Exam Form”. You will have several options on how to upload the physical form. Physicals are due by team camp. If a player has a physical conducted during May 2020 that is not on the BRSC physical form (such as a completed LHSAA physical) we will accept it, but the legal/consent points on page 2 of the BRSC physical form must be completed/signed by a parent/guardian and uploaded with the completed non-BRSC physical form.

Parents may also upload the COVID-19 History form (page 4 of the return to play handbook & also attached) directly to Healthy Roster as well. Parents must log in to the Healthy Roster account, click on your child’s name, then click on the DOCUMENTS button, then click on “BRSC COVID-19 History Form”. There are multiple options on how to upload the physical form. The COVID history form is to be completed only once and is due prior to June 8, 2020.

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