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The Louisiana Competitive Soccer League (LCSL) is a state-wide league consisting of C1, C2, C3 and C4 levels of competition for registered youth clubs. All BRSC competitive teams participate in LCSL play. 

Important Dates for the 2017-18 Fall Soccer Season:

  • U11 - U19 Brackets Released    -    July 24th
  • U11 - U19 LCSL Schedule Released    -    August 18th
  • LCSL League Begins    -    September 8th
  • LCSL Reschedule Deadline    -    September 9th
  • Last Scheduled U15 - U19 LCSL Game    -   October 15th
  • Make Up Weekend for U15 - U19    -    October 22nd
  • Last Scheduled U11 - U14 LCSL Game    -    November 12th
  • Make Up Weekend for U111 - U14    -    November 19th
Louisiana Soccer Association - End of the year tournaments:

For the Bob Abbott Cup - click here.

For the Louisiana Open Cup - click here.

For the Louisiana President's Cup - click here.

For the Louisiana State Cup - click here.
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