• Any player/coach/spectator sent off or dismissed from the field, by a referee, must leave the complex before the game can resume. If the player/coach/spectator refuses or does not leave the complex, the referee has the right to terminate the game.
  • Each player is responsible for uploading a clear head shot of themselves to their player account. This acts as the player pass. If the picture does not show up on the printed paper roster, that specific player can not play. All photos must be clear, taken from the shoulders up (no sunglasses or hats).
  • Team Bonds: A $100 team bond is required to establish an adult team. Each team gets one “freebie” game forfeit, after that their bond is revoked and all future games will be cancelled until the bond is reestablished. All adult teams must have a $100 bond with BRSC to be eligible for match play.
  • Rainout Reschedules:  In the event of a forced reschedule due to rain or field conditions the make-up games will automatically be rescheduled to the pre-determined rain-out dates. Please contact your team captain for rainout dates. If pre-determined rain-out dates are scheduled to capacity, other dates (Mondays/Fridays) will be used as additional rain-out dates. 

Adult Cancellation Policy

  • All Sunday games must be cancelled or changed by the Monday before the scheduled match by 10AM.  Week night games must be cancelled or changed by the Friday before the scheduled match at 10AM.. 
  • This is the timeline used for rescheduling all of our other programs. 
  • Change effective -  3/17/17
  • Teams that cancel after the outlined time frame will be required to pay the referee fees directly to Baton Rouge Soccer before they can play the next match.
  • If a match is cancelled after the outlined time frame, the cancelling team will not be eligible for a reschedule at the expense of Baton Rouge Soccer.  The other team will be given the opportunity to play an additional match. The score will be reported as cancelling team 0 and opponent 1. 
  • If the cancelling team requests a reschedule, they will be required to pay the referee fee and for the cost of lights for the rescheduled match.  
  • Matches cancelled by Baton Rouge Soccer for weather will be rescheduled on the predetermined rain out dates.
  • All cancellation request must be sent to Stanley Johnson and Jennifer Politz.
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