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A Letter from the Director

by Kay Briggs | Feb 07, 2019

Executive Director’s Corner
"Success in Soccer"

Soccer is a beautiful game for all!  One of the great things about the sport is that whether one is a boy, girl, big, small, short, tall, young or old(er), they can play the game.  Everyone who has played or now has kids can appreciate the benefits of soccer.  Everyone has the potential to be a good and even great soccer player if they develop their soccer skills and have the will and the want to play at higher levels.  Not everyone can play other sports or play other sports at the highest levels. In soccer, it is possible!

The key to success in soccer is to keep it FUN and develop foot skills and proper technique.  There are four main components of the game which are Psychological, Technical, Physical, and Tactical.  For me, those main components are relevant in the above order.

Psychologically, as long as the game is fun and engaging for the player, he/she will want to continue to develop and play.

Technical skill development is critically important to playing at higher levels and should be emphasized even for our younger players. As their technical skills develop, their interest in the game grows.  The earlier kids develop technical proficiency, the sooner they can learn simple and more complex tactics.  We do not want to put the cart before the horse.

Physical skills are important because the game requires running. Even at a young age, the stronger your player becomes, the more their game will continue to improve. 

I know that some parents of our younger players ask why we don’t introduce tactics sooner. That’s because the foundation of a strong, solid technical base needs to exist before anything other than simple tactical skills are emphasized. If a player can understand how to effectively play in a small-sided (numbers) game, he/she will more easily understand the bigger game.

I would like to thank all of our members and parents for participating with the Baton Rouge Soccer Club.  Every child, parent, and member in the Club is important and we appreciate you all.


Louie Smothermon

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