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Are you interested in learning more about the game, staying active and getting paid to be involved in a sport you love? Click on the link below to see the courses that have scheduled so far in August!

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BRSC Competitive Placement starts Monday & Tuesday, 4/29-30 with the 2010/2009 (5-6:30) & 2008 (7-8:30) - Wednesday & Thursday, 5/1-2 with the 2007's (6:30-8).  Check in @ the back pavilion by BB 20.  Click here to register. 

Women's Open Program

by Angie Mitchell | Jan 30, 2019
We are so excited to inform you about the expansion of our BRSC Women's Open Program.  The BRSC Women's Open League is available to all women above the age of 18.  The recreational soccer program is excellent for anyone looking to learn more about the game.  The BRSC Women's Open program also provides a fantastic opportunity to meet other parents just like you!  BRSC has a structured adult program that is designed to provide game times that coincide with youth practices.  

For more information please contact  

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Click here to volunteer during Regionals, June 18-28.
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