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by Angie Mitchell | Apr 25, 2018

Congratulations to the following teams for their success ending strong in their league standings:

League Standings – 1st Place
BRSC  99 G Black               U19 Girls D1
BRSC 01 B Red                   U17 Boys D1
BRSC 02 B Black                U16 Boys D1
BRSC 02 B Red                   U16 Boys D2
BRSC 03 G Black                LPDL -  U15 Girls
BRSC 03 B Red                   U15 Boys D1
BRSC 04 B Red                   U14 Boys D2
BRSC 05 B Maroon             U13 Boys D2
BRSC 06 G Black                U12 Girls D1
BRSC 06 G White                U12 Girls D4

League Standings – 2nd Place
BRSC 00 B Black                U18 Boys D1
BRSC 01 B Maroon             U17 Boys D2
BRSC 04 G Black                U14 Girls D1
BRSC 04 G Red                   U14 Girls D2
BRSC 06 B Black                U12 Boys D1
BRSC 06 G Maroon             U12 Girls D3
BRSC 07 B White                U11 Boys White

League Standing – 3rd Place
BRSC 01 G Black                LPDL – U17 Girls
BRSC 03 B Black                LPDL – U15 Boys
BRSC 03 B Maroon             U15 Boys D2
BRSC 03 B White                U15 Boys D3
BRSC 05 G Black                U13 Girls D1
BRSC 07 G Red                   U11 Girls Yellow Division

Congratulations to all! We will post the other league standings once they have finished (SRPL and GSPL).

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