General Information
The Baton Rouge Soccer Club (BRSC) conducts the Players' Choice tournament for adult teams throughout the south and is for men's and women's open and O-30 teams. Noticing a lack of adult tournaments in the the region during the fall season, BRSC began the tournament in 2002, and appealed to their members' demands by having full, 90-minute games for Open teams, "unlimited guests," silver goal overtimes, and a 10-point scoring system. These factors, along with the great competition, food and weather, is what helps lure teams back to Baton Rouge every year. This year's event will take place on Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28, 2012.

Entry Requirements
Teams wishing to enter Players' Choice must register online and pay the appropriate entry fee by the registration deadline of October 17, 2012. The entry fee is $450 for Open teams (90 mins. games) and $400 for O-30 teams (70 mins. games).

All players participating must be at least 18 years old. A player may play for only one open team and one O-30 team in the tournament. Team rosters are limited to 22 players. O-30 players must be 30 years of age by October 28, 2012.

Team Check-In
Teams will check-in at the fields 1 hour before their first game on Saturday. During check-in, all teams must turn in an official tournament team roster.

Game Information
All teams will be scheduled to play at least three games in an 11v11 format. Depending on the number of teams in a division, bracket play followed by finals or a round-robin format will be scheduled. Every effort will be made to form competitive and fair divisions; however the Tournament Director reserves the right to move a team up or down from its requested division if needed. Games will be played at BREC’s Burbank Soccer Complex. A 10-point scoring system will be used.

FIFA Laws of the Game will apply except as amended in the playing rules.

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