Approved Team Fundraising Activities

  • Car Wash
  • LSU Concession
  • Garage Sale
  • Sonic Carhop
  • Bake Sales
  • BOGO/Scrip Cards (See and for more information. Please contact Bo Cassidy for more information if your team wants to explore either of these fundraising cards)
  • If you have other team fundraising activities you would like to do, please email your request to Bo Cassidy at

Baton Rouge Soccer Club Fundraising Policies

  • Baton Rouge Soccer Club Logo - Our logo can only be used with the written permission of the club.
  • Approved Team Fundraising Activities – All fundraising activities must be on the approved activities list. If a team wishes to do a fundraising activity that is not listed on the “Approved Team Fundraising Activities List”, the manager must get written approval by the club.
  • Raffles – Raffles are not permitted by any teams.
  • Use of Fundraising Funds –Must be used to pay soccer related expenses such as club dues, soccer uniforms and equipment, tournament costs and travel, etc. Payments made to any individual must be documented with receipts that support the payment for the soccer related expense. Please submit the receipt to the manager for reimbursement. Funds can be allocated by player based on participation as long as participation is clearly documented.
  • Uniform Sponsors – Team are prohibited from soliciting or accepting a sponsor for any official BRSC club uniform or jersey (All Competitive Teams or U10 and below Recreational Teams). For teams not using an official club uniform, sponsors are acceptable but must meet the following guidelines:
    • Not be a competitor of a current BRSC sponsor or potential sponsor
    • Not be associated with alcohol, gaming/gambling, adult-oriented or other objectionable activities.
    • Must be approved by the BRSC marketing director in advance of accepting a sponsorship.
For teams that get such a sponsorship offer, BRSC will work with the team and the potential sponsor to see if the sponsorship can be maximized to benefit the full club while still providing a direct benefit to the specific team. (Example, a parent of a player on a team owns a business and wants to help underwrite his child’s teams’ uniforms. BRSC might approach the potential sponsor with an offer to allow the company’s logo to be featured elsewhere and allow the donation to go to the team.)
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