• In April 2006 Baton Rouge Soccer Club (BRSC) and BREC entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement that 1) designated BRSC as BREC’s provider of soccer activities to the East Baton Rouge Community, and 2) allowed BRSC to become the scheduler of soccer matches/tournaments and other uses of the Burbank facility. The Agreement was approved by the BREC Commission.
  • In return for the use of the facility, BRSC has made a direct cash contribution of $750,000 to the BREC Foundation. These funds have been used by BREC to offset construction costs for upgrades to the complex.
  • In addition, BRSC has contributed in excess of $250,000 in in-kind and cash contributions to the site (lighting and lighting automation, electrical upgrades, and lightening detection system.  In total; the membership of BRSC has contributed in excess of $1.6 million to the Burbank Soccer Complex.
  • Goals, nets, corner flags, benches, paint for modified fields, and staff to maintain are all incurred by BRSC.  The costs for the goals and nets alone exceeded $170,000.
  • BRSC is now fully responsible for paying the monthly bill to Entergy for all electricity used at the Burbank complex. This averages more than $1,000 per month.
  • BRSC is responsible for, and incurs the cost of $14,000 annually ($10 per match) for scheduling officials for all matches held at the complex. In addition to the direct expenses, BRSC also provides the scheduling computer system and the staff time.
  • BRSC currently provides soccer opportunities and administration to nearly 4,000 youths, 2,500 adults, 1,100 middle school participants and 600 high school summer participants. More than 800 children participate in BRSC-run camps and clinics. One hundred percent of the BRSC membership is registered through this Baton Rouge-based non-profit organization that has a 30+ year presence in the community.
  • BRSC has 535 teams competing in numerous leagues – youth, adult and even teams composed of children with disabilities.
  • BRSC has developed a partnership with the East Baton Rouge School system through the I Care program to bring soccer opportunities to disadvantaged children in the community.
  • BRSC has a pool of more than 500 volunteers (including adults and teens), all of whom have undergone mandated Youth Protection background checks that are administered by the Louisiana Soccer Association. Failure to complete our Youth Protection requirement disqualifies an adult from participation in our programs. In addition, should a valid concern about an individual be brought to our attention, the individual in question is removed from participation until an investigation.
  • On a weekly basis, BRSC schedules clubs outside of BRSC to play matches against BRSC teams. BRSC has, and will continue to, schedule matches with other teams and clubs when possible, at a minimal cost. BRSC will also pay all expenses associated with scheduling and assigning officials.
  • BRSC also runs a middle school winter league and a High School summer league to help grow soccer in the EBR parish.
  • BRSC is actively working with the BREC facility staff to develop a plan to minimize the negative impact (caused by overuse) to the fields in order to maintain the integrity of the turf at the complex.  BRSC is deliberate about closing the complex to play when conditions put the fields at risk, as well as to allow BREC to conduct routine and regular maintenance.
  • BRSC works hand in hand with the BR Area Sports Foundation and the Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring tournaments to the city throughout the year. These events have been estimated to provide an economic impact of $6-8 million per year to the city. For example, BRSC teamed with BREC and other community partners to have Baton Rouge awarded the prestigious U.S. Youth Soccer Southern Regional Tournament that was held in June 2010. In addition to organizing and staging the week-long event, BRSC contributed thousands of volunteer hours to make the tournament a success.
  • BRSC continues to work with BREC to propose and make additional site improvements, including financial assistance (as feasible) for these upgrades (office location and bleachers, for example).
  • BRSC is responsible for helping to secure the Burbank Soccer Complex and to insure that the appropriate users are on the facility.
  • BRSC provides outreach and education to underserved citizens of EBR Parish (league for children with disabilities, partnership with I CARE, partnership with other community-based organizations to introduce soccer to minority and economically-disadvantaged citizens).
  • BRSC provides over $25,000 in scholarships a year to deserving individual and families that are facing financial difficulties.
  • The leadership of BRSC is actively involved in the EBR community (Forty Under 40, Chamber Leadership program, Boy Scouts, the disability community, etc.); with Board members contributing thousands of hours annually to community organizations.
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